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Springville Journal letter: America has a constitutional right to bear arms

We have a constitutional right to bear arms, to protect ourselves from our government, to protect ourselves from criminals, for sport and for hunting. Our founding fathers saw this day coming: A day when our rights are being taken from us, by those who swore an oath to defend them.

For Larry Schultz not to understand this right boggles the mind. If Schultz or Obama or Cuomo don’t want a gun, I personally couldn’t care less. For anyone to try and take our constitutional rights or guns from us shows an ignorance of what this country’s principles and freedoms were founded on. Since Schultz works in a library, may I suggest Larry open a book and try to educate himself on our Founding Fathers.

They, the founders, were ordinary citizens who took part in winning American independence and creating the United States of America. Schultz, you know the First Amendment right that you have, for writing in this public forum? Those rights were fought for, DIED for and cannot be taken for granted.

They were not given to you by this joke, what we call government, in Albany and Washington.

Most of all the counties in NYS, at this writing, along with county sheriffs in NYS, have come out an opposed this attack on out Second Amendment rights. State officials in Utah, Mississippi, Oregon and Texas are vowing to fight back against any attempt by the federal government to impose new gun control laws.

My father lost his brother, Irvin, fighting for our freedom prior to the start of World War II, while stationed in the Philippines. For Schultz to disparage the loss of Chris Kyle in his article, who, Kyle, served four combat tours in Iraq with the SEALs, protecting our service men and women, shows a complete lack of respect, for those in our military.

Just one point I’d like Schultz to clarify, in an apparent inability to keep his pen from drifting from the main objective. The SAFE Act Law, Schultz stated, “The NRA is trying to sell that all gun owners are saints.” Show me some proof, Schultz.

Gary Ebert
Springville Field and Stream Inc.

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2013-03-28 | 15:14:29
I just wish some of you gun nuts remember that you also have the right to remain silent.