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Law-abiding citizens do not break the law


The fact that the gun-loving community is unhappy, even outraged, about the SAFE act (cf Gary Ebertís letter, in the Aug. 10 issue of the Journal) in no way alters the fact that a person is law-abiding unless and until they actually break the law, nor does it alter the fact that the ready availability of guns accommodates such law-breaking acts. A mere list of people and organizations opposed to limiting such availability does nothing to relieve this dire situation.

Having thus failed to make a positive contribution, the ranting of the unconditional gun enthusiasts at best serves to hint at one real reason for their perceived need for guns and the right to keep and bear arms.

True: guns donít kill people, people kill people ó but they do it most conveniently and prolifically with guns. Thank about it.

Bill Wohlhueter

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2013-08-19 | 07:59:59
The readily availability of lots of things can accommodate law breaking acts...however their benefits outweigh the risks. Cars, knives, baseball bats etc. Your premise doesn't hold water.