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Sardinia is the place to live


Why do you live in Sardinia?

We live here because we like the quietness, some for convenience to major travel arteries, Routes 16 and 39, which connect them with their families and work. Others live here due to the quality of the land and walk out their back door to work. In some way, we are all looking to give thanks and give back. Sardinia is a unique place, where so many are thankful. We are always promoting the area and giving back.

This is Sardinia!

A second common theme we have in Sardinia is choice. Each of us chooses different things, at different points in our life. People have a natural affinity to choose to give back to their community and say “Thank you.”

Church, fire company, little league, hunting clubs, Boy and Girl Scouts, public service, volunteering, historical society, community clubs are outlets, for all of us. You can name at least five more that you know about. That’s a very impressive list, for such a rural community. We all, on some scale, want the same thing: To give thanks for what we have and to continue to make each and every generation enjoy what we have now, and to extend that feeling. When we find our calling, we all are on duty to go for it.

Making our community better, through public service, is the duty that I am proud to say I do enjoy, embrace and want to do. Over the past 4 years, as a councilman, I have assisted in smart budgeting practices that have provided free services to our residents, the rabies clinic, the flu clinic and good for all programs, are just a few. Our fire department and highway department have updated equipment and dedicated people to meet the needs and safety concerns of our citizens. Deeding the historical society building to the organization provided an economical solution in saving the Sardinia Meeting House, which now hosts fabulous monthly events. Cutting frivolous spending provided for this year’s tax relief program, that put the cash back into the taxpayers’ hands, where it belongs.

Utilizing the town’s resources and connections to upgrade and maintain the parks to a professional level is very rewarding. Through grants and corporate sponsors, so many town improvements at no, or very little, cost to the town. Even the lights on the outside of the town hall were free, improving the safety for all who use the building, after dark.

Next year, we are scheduling for residents, how to start, grow and succeed in business, at no cost to residents. Tapping into the resources of small business owners, based business with IDA, SBA and SCORE to conduct seminars and assist in the success of business in town.

On Nov. 5, you can choose to let me continue doing what I enjoy most: Giving back and giving thanks. Let’s keep the grown and education going.

Thank you for your continued support.

Councilman Cheryl Earl

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