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Owning guns isnít the answer


It seems the anti-SAFE Act crowd canít even defend their own arguments. They bleat about the government taking your guns, rather than present a case why semi-automatic firearms and mega-clips are so necessary.

Apparently, itís difficult to say why you think we should make life easier for a sociopath to get a bigger body count. If you need a semi-auto with a 30-round clip to defend yourself, you must either A: Live in a really bad neighborhood or B: you are a really bad shot and shouldnít be allowed near a gun.

Talking about Hollywood, in movies and TV, bullets are well-behaved. If the main character misses a shot, it goes neatly into a wall, unlike real life, where they keep going, ricocheting into innocent bystanders and sometimes through walls, into innocent bystanders.

They talk about law-abiding gun owners stopping want-to-be killers, which kind of begs the question: Why is our government spending so much giving law enforcement and our soldiers firearms training when, according to them, having an AR-15 makes a 300-pound hillbilly the equal of any member of SEAL Team Six?

In a Florida theater, a husband and father was shot and killed by a retired cop for texting. It seems the National Rifle Association crowd wants to turn America into a shooting range where a gunfight can break out any minute and, if you arenít packing or canít duck fast enough, tough.

And, ďWhy shouldnít we have the same armed security celebrities/politicians do?Ē The same reason I donít need surface-to-air missiles on my fishing boat, because Navy warships do. Itís not the same risk. Celebrities and politicians get about five-10 death threats a week. More, if they dare to disagree with the NRA.

The last time I got a death threat it was over 20 years ago. Iím pretty sure the guys who want to get Justin Bieber have no interest in me.

When I was younger, I was in a situation where I thought I might have to kill someone to save my life. I didnít have to, but it was close. If the anti-SAFE Act people actually had such an experience, they wouldnít be so eager to have another.

Larry Schultz

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