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Bill Krebs is doing a good job as Springville mayor


Like many, if not most, Springville residents, throughout the year, I tend to “take for granted” the daily governance and operation of our village. Election time, however, often brings forth competing ideas, approaches, points of view and issues. At times, electioneering creates/invents problems and issues, which can distract voters’ focus away from their real and true best interests. Voters should focus upon results, not someone’s campaign slogans and promises.

William (Bill) Krebs has been serving this community since 1991. He has been a member of the Springville Village Board since 1998 and mayor since 2005. Over the course of 23-plus years of service to the village, Krebs has demonstrated his dedication, ability and competence, as a municipal leader. In his elected positions, he has established a proven record of fiscal responsibility and budgeting restraint. Using these qualities, combined with his responsible foresight and realistic, concrete goals, Bill’s efforts have benefitted and enhanced the quality of life for our entire community. Krebs has consistently delivered results.

The village boards, with Bill as a member and since 2005 as mayor, have consistently delivered outstanding results, year after year. Just a few examples of the daily results we citizens take for granted, which are due, in large part, to Bill’s leadership and ability to work with and for the citizens and employees of Springville are:

– Streets department: snowplowing of residential sidewalks; removal of snow banks in the village business center; decorative floral baskets along Main Street; patriotic flag and holiday displays in downtown, all of which enhance the village center for businesses and shoppers alike; seasonal landscaping; mowing and care of village green space.

– Water and Sewer Department: In the last six years, with Bills Krebs as mayor, 30,000 feet of water lines, the entire south side of the village, were upgraded and replaced, as were 6,000 feet on the north side of the village. The new 12-inch Main Street water line has substantially increased the fire protection capability for the entire village, residential and business areas, by more than doubling the gallons per minute flow rate for firefighting.

– Electric Department: In 2010, the new southwest electric power substation (behind Lowes) greatly enhanced the economic development potential of our village, along the Route 219 corridor. In addition, this project also provides the opportunity for increased sales and profit for the village electric company in its franchise area to the west, along Cattaraugus Creek to Spooner’s Gulf and north to Route 39.

I do not claim Bill Krebs is solely responsible for any of these achievements, nor will he himself ever claim anywhere near the credit due him, for his long service to Springville.

I do claim Bill Krebs has been a smart, strong and influential leader, whose skills and abilities were instrumental in accomplishing them.

I support Bill Krebs because I know he delivers results.

Vote for results, not slogans.

Murray Regan


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