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Law enforcement officer shares his perspective


Iím a local resident, and read the Springville Journal every week. As of late, I have been interested in the articles going back and forth about NY SAFE.

Being a federal law enforcement officer, I thought I would throw in my own two cents.

Letís get straight to the point. NY SAFE will not make anyone safer than they were, before it was enacted. As I read through the new laws, the statement ďYou have got to be kidding,Ē can not help but escape my lips. Laws like this will do nothing to hinder the broken of our society. Evil people have been around since the dawn of time, and they will be here, long after anyone reading this has turned to dust.

I believe that personal safety is the responsibility of the individual. If you choose to rely on 911, then that is your right. However, I want every advantage available, against someone wishing to harm me or my family. NY SAFE does not reduce crime; all it does is hurt the lawful.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there are people that walk among us that are truly evil. They do not play by the same rules we do. All the laws in the world will not deter them. Iím not trying to scare everyone; I just want to emphasize they are out there. I know that if I were to encounter one of them, I would want to have every advantage available to me. Gun laws, in general, do nothing but stack the cards in favor of the lawless.

We do not need more laws, or restrictions on the people of NY. We need to embrace common sense.

David Crotty
East Concord


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2013-09-06 | 04:43:00
Bonnie Tober
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