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To exercise or not to exercise


Several years ago, I was pronounced totally disabled by the medical profession because of severe foot problems and told that I would be walking with a cane, for the rest of my life. In addition, I had backaches just about all the time.

My doctor sent me to a chiropractor. I went to him for as many visits that were allowed by my insurance company. My back still ached and I told him that. I was informed that I would have to wait for a few weeks and then I could come back for another session of the same number of visits. This I did. Each of these visits required a copay. My back still ached.

All of the above was reported to my doctor. She suggested going to physical therapy, which I did, with more expense, plus it required driving to another town. When the visits were used up, I reported that my back was no better. They said I could keep coming, but I would have to pay for the whole cost, since my insurance visits were all used up. I declined.

Then, I received a letter from my insurance company that said I could try visits to a local gym, Spring Creek Athletic Club. I decided to try it. After asking me a few questions, the owner gave series of 10 or 12 exercises to do, making sure that I was doing them right, before leaving me on my own. I did them and when I was finished, my backache was gone. I couldnít believe it.

The backache didnít stay gone, of course. I had to keep going back, but the visits were paid for. All I had to do was put in the effort and my doctor approved. So, exercise is important. It works and there are other people there who are going through the same thing you are and you make new friends, to boot. It beats sitting in a chair and feeling sorry for yourself or complaining about how bad you feel.

Marie Bauer

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