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Springville Journal letter: Rights of the writer were granted by arms-bearers

To all the readers of the Springville Journal: As I read last week’s Journal, I realized something and wanted to share that with everyone.

As I read Mr. Larry Schultz’s response to President of the Springville Field and Stream Gary Ebert’s letter, I realized that everybody will have a different opinion on the so-called SAFE Act.

The interesting thing is, and I ponder, does Mr. Schultz realize that ability to express himself, his opinions, was given or granted to him by men and women who bore arms against tyranny over 200 years ago? That act against tyranny has granted Mr. Schultz and all of us to live in a free nation that allows us to share our opinions in print. That freedom should not be taken for granted.

Mr. Schultz shows creativity with a pen, to express and share his opinions, and, in this, he shows us his understanding of literacy. The tyranny begins when he and Mr. Cuomo don’t understand the words from the Second Amendment: “shall not be infringed.”

Keep in mind: Mr. Schultz’s statements on hunting are his opinions, with little or no factual basis. For the record, NYS 2012 hunting season was the safest hunting season since 1949. Perhaps if Mr. Schultz were to have spent less time with his peers, he would have realized that hunting is a safer sport, as far as injuries, than football, baseball, tennis, golf and Ping-Pong™. This information can be found at the National Safety Council and is based on injuries per 100,000.

You, Mr. Schultz, tell us to calm our paranoid fantasies. I say open your eyes and see history repeating itself. Anybody ever heard of Adolf Hitler? No fantasy. Just reality.

Kevin Ploetz

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