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Springville Journal letter to the editor: Focusing on the SAFE Act

Iím sorry to sees Mr. Ploetz is gonna take his ball and go home, so Iíll keep it brief.

If I didnít stay on topic, itís because I was following your argument. You went from total gun ban, to our Founding Fathers, to Nazi Germany.

But I agree we shouldíve stuck to what the NY SAFE Act actually gets to: banning the sale of semiautomatic weapons and mega clips of seven or more.

That means shooters would have to reload more.

If having to reload more is just too onerous a chore for you, your problem isnít the government; itís you.

And I did have a laugh, when I saw gun lobby letters in The Buffalo News, cheering the Sheriff Howardís integrity that he wonít enforce the SAFE Act.

Please. Heís flirting with the gun lobby, to further his own political career.

If anyone believes itís for any other reason, than that theyíre the kind of gullible saps used car salesmen love.

The question people should be asking is, what other laws is he willing to ignore, to benefit his political aspirations?

Larry Schultz

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