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Springville Elementary School is not very hospitable


I would like to share my wife’s first experience with dealing with Springville Elementary School. We are the proud parents of twins who will be entering kindergarten, and daughters entering fifth and eighth grades this fall. We were, and still are, unclear on the school district’s policy on allowing twins to be placed in the same class. We wanted to know all of the opportunities available for kindergarten.

My wife had called the elementary school to inquire about this issue. She was told by one of the office staff that principal Marcole Feuz did not believe in allowing twins to be together in the same classroom. Of course, this kind of statement requires confirmation of actual school policy or just personal feelings from the principal herself. My wife wanted to meet face-to-face with the principal. After giving several available dates, the office staff called back to confirm an appointment for June 10 at 10:15 a.m.

When my wife arrived at the school for her principal meeting, she was told “Miss Feuz isn’t here right now.” The implication was that the principal would soon be free to talk to my wife. After several minutes of waiting, an unknown woman started talking to my wife as if she knew her. The woman informed my wife the principal Marcole Feuz was currently on a camping trip with the fifth grade and that she had agreed that the twins would have to be separated.

What kind of school official makes an appointment and does not bother to call to reschedule or to show up for the appointment? What kind of school official allows office staff to communicate information that should be discussed between a principal and the parents? The answer is a school official whose job security is not dependent upon the normal requirements of running a successful business.

The public school system gets its money whether or not it is effectively teaching its students or properly managing its employees. The public school system takes my money through school taxes whether or not I send my children to them. I might even make the argument that by driving us away to go to a private school would result in more money in their budgets. If my children actually went to public schools, then they would not be able to use my school taxes for other budget items. The idea of being polite and efficient in order to maintain customer (parent) satisfaction is not a consideration at all except in those people who believe it is the proper way to behave.

A “normal” situation would have dictated a sincere apology and perhaps an explanation of what went wrong with our scheduled appointment. I will continue to hope that everyone in today’s society will do the right thing, even when no one (other than the NSA) is watching.

Karl Fruehauf


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2014-07-06 | 13:24:11
As a person taking a paycheck provided by tax payers the principal better smarten up.
2014-07-07 | 00:35:07
Re: Miss Feuz
Miss Feuz is a wonderful administrator and person! The children love her and I personally could never say enough wonderful things about her.
2014-07-07 | 19:51:26
Calm down
I believe that since the twins will be separated in classes in the future, why let them start becoming independent individuals now ? Also I believe the writer and his wife should take a step back
2014-07-07 | 19:57:57
and think about if this letter was really necessary. Why not write a letter to the school and not vent to the whole town? SGI elementary and it's administrators are wonderful :)