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Iím in favor of Ron Tamraz for S-GI varsity baseball coach


Our S-GI school district has a problem, and I spoke recently at the school board meeting to express my thoughts on the issue. The following is essentially the elements of my statements on Aug. 19.

ďThere has been recent board action which is troubling for me. And, as a former scholar-athlete, it is really troubling! There has been a golden opportunity missed when recent board action failed to renew the head coach position for S-GIís boys varsity baseball programs. There have been excuses given for that happening, ranging from unintentional oversight to simple omission. But Iím not big on excuses. Former President Eisenhower had it right when he said Ďno excuses are necessary, as none will be accepted!í

I tell you that wahat has occured needs to be corrected, and you folks on the board are the only ones who can correct it! What you need to do is to facilitate the renewing and/or the re-appointment of S-GIís varsity baseball coach position to the individual who has successfully held that position for 15 years; Ron Tamraz. Now, interestly enough, I have good news for you! I have it on very reliable sources that Coach Tamraz will be re-applying for the position Ė notwithstanding the effective Ďslap in the faceí received through his recent non-appointment by the board. Let me just say that likely a majority of people, after being so treated, would have simply walked away from the situation, But, you see, thatís not the manís character.

Thatís not what he does as a person, and thatís not what he teaches or demonstrates, as coach, to his team members.

So here we are, as a district and school board, not renewing this manís position. What craziness is this? I can tell you there was a time when the district and its board acted to memorialize significant contributions to S-GI from its teacher base. The prime example I can give you is the south entry to the high school, so properly known as Ingerson Drive. I knew Coach Ingerson, and he made it possible for many students to leave the halls of GI with a greater preparation for the world that awaited them.

I ask that you individually bring this board back to a point of making a simple decision; itís obvious, itís right, to say nothing of needfully justifiable. Return the man who has been in charge of S-GI baseball so successfully for the last 15 years.Ē

I would ask that the members of the district get in touch with their favorite board member and simply express the thought that Coach Tamraz ought to be re-appointed, our district sends a message to our current and future teaching and coaching personnelĖ regardless of your commitment, ďwe own you nothing.Ē

I submit we as a district are shooting ourselves in the foot because when word of this gets out, truly qualified and inspiring teachers and coaches will walk away from our district, rather than to find themselves, someday in a similar debacle.

Ted Winkey

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