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America isnít wrong, crime is declining


According to the author of the ďIíll tell you where we went wrong, AmericaĒ letter, one would think we could blame all our gun violence problems on the expiration of the federal assault weapons ban. The single most important reason the Federal Assault Weapons Ban did not get a second chance was it failed. According to the statistics kept by the federal government during the duration of the ban (1994-2004), all the evidence pointed to the fact that it did not work. It did not make the public in this country any safer from gun violence. The U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives and the president realized it didnít work and allowed law-abiding citizens to obtain the once banned firearms again.

Isnít it interesting that the author never brings up the statistics that prove that we are safer now from gun violence than we have been in the last 2/3 decades? Violent crime including murder has continually lost ground over the past 20 years. And especially the last 4 years during which the amount of firearms purchased by law-abiding citizens has increased immeasurably. Anyone that doesnít see the correlation between the number of citizens with firearms and the reduction of violent crimes across the country needs to seriously do some checking into the statistics kept by our federal government.

I do remember that the First Amendment gives us the right to voice our opinion, even if itís wrong. The author of the ďIíll tell you where we went wrong, AmericaĒ letter needs to check the facts. Voicing your opinion is a wonderful thing in America. But when your opinion cannot be backed up with facts, itís nothing more than a bold faced lie. It seems that this author has decided to perpetrate the same lies our government officials in New York state continually profess when it comes to gun control. Itís too bad that the statistics prove otherwise.

If you are unhappy with the U.S. Constitution and its amendments; then, I recommend that you try living in another country that doesnít give you those rights. You may be willing to give up your Second Amendment rights but most of us law-abiding citizens arenít. Benjamin Franklin once said: ďThey that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.Ē

Richard Kazmark


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2014-06-17 | 16:46:14
Excellent point! Especially the First Amendment part! We all can state our opinion, but I agree that an argument becomes pointless when facts are ignored or ignorant statements are made.