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Response to trapping letter to the editor

The letter to the editor regarding steps against trapping exposes a liberal mindset that should not go unanswered.

Cheryl Cranston suggests the Journal should engage in censoring articles promoting hunting, trapping and so on. Cheryl also tugs at the heart by injecting children love animals.

She mentions the children visiting the county fair, as an example. I should point out that most of the animals brought to the fair were raised for food. Maybe Cheryl should protest our Future Farmers of America in Springville-Griffith Institute.

Cherylís description of clubbing animals to death probably comes from something she watched on PBS or a PETA website. Animals are dispatched by a gun. Animals in the wild do not die of old age; the ways that animals die range from starvation, freezing, being consumed by other animals or parasites.

Living on the edge of a forest, itís not uncommon to hear a fox or coyote kill for food. To hear a rabbit or fawn scream is unsettling, but thatís the way it is.

I would worry, first, about how much pain an unborn baby feels during an abortion, than how much pain an animal feels in a trap.

Gary Ebert

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