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Donít let their deaths be in vain


This past memorial day, my father, John E. Pfeffer wrote and read this speech at the West Valley Memorial Day observance. Iím submitting this on the 70th anniversary of D-Day, in honor and memory of those who knew what mattered. Thank you Dad.

ďGood morning and welcome to another Memorial Day. This is the day we honor those who have died defending our country and our freedoms. The founders of this great country wrote into the Constitution and the Bill of Rights: Many men and women have died to ensure that these freedoms would endure and today we remember them and are grateful for their sacrifices...or are we? Do we sincerely revere their sacrifices or have we become complacent in this feel-good society we have created. It is easy in these times of anything goes to leave the ugly times of war behind us. I believe we are living in a precarious time for our nation. It causes me to wonder if the values, the principles and our expectations of elected officials have changed in the last fifty years. Many of our elected representatives are corrupt and greedy. Caring more about getting re-elected and their free ride, than the needs of those who elected them. Our own N.Y. State legislators spent more time debating the N.Y. state snack than they did the N.Y. State Safe Act. Do you remember Earl Pitts saying wake up America? We need to wake up. We have a Supreme Court Justice who hasnít rendered an opinion in 8 years. We have a subculture created by our government which exists entirely dependent on the government for housing, food and healthcare. Respect and discipline in our schools is a thing of the past. We now have drones capable of killing anyone anytime, and a president who says he will use them at his discretion on American citizens if he alone deems it necessary. No trial, no conviction, no due process. We had a secretary of state who, when confronted about who was at fault in Bengazi, replied, ĎWhat difference does it make.í This is the arrogance displayed far too often by our leaders. The men and women we honor today never asked ĎWhat difference does it make.í The freedoms our boys, girls, men and women died for are in jeopardy today.

Well, today Iím speaking for those who lie under this green grass, those who died to make a difference in this world. Those who died for the freedoms we have taken for granted. Freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution and Bill of Rights are slowly being taken from us by an elitist government. It makes a difference folks, it makes a big difference. This government must change before itís too late. We must not let the lives of these fallen soldiers be in vain. Do not become indifferent to their sacrifices. Do not let the lives of the nearly 1-1/2 million lost to preserve our freedoms, become insignificant, destroyed by greed and complacency. Do not let these grave markers become nothing more than lawn mower obstructions. Let these soldiers rest in peace knowing the the freedoms they died for still exist. And let us say a prayer for this Republic for which we stand. Let us reverently thank them for this service.Ē

Some gave all, all gave some. Itís time for all to do more than give some. Itís time for all to do more than have an opinion to post on Facebook.

John A Pfeffer

West Valley


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