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‘Huffing’ is a deadly new trend


I am writing to increase awareness and express our concern about a deadly new trend called “huffing.” Participants purchase cans of “air,” used for cleaning computers. The term air is a misnomer, since it is not pure air, but contains dangerous chemicals. The containers are readily available at stores such as Wal-Mart and Rite-Aid, right here in Springville. This habit is highly addictive and causes permanent damage to the central nervous system. There are currently no restrictions on the sale of this very destructive, sometimes deadly, substance.

Merchants must surely be aware of this addiction, but have ignored the harmfulness in favor of making a profit. The sale of this product has increased dramatically, over the past few years, and must be regulated.

Huffing isn’t new; dusters are. Available at Wal-Mart, Rite-Aid and Radio Shack, they are cheap, which makes them a drug of choice for younger people with financial restrictions – not physically addictive but strong psychological addiction. The only restriction is age 18, but is way more dangerous and unpredictable than drinking alcohol, which carries a 21-year-old restriction.

Watch for the following symptoms, if you suspect that your child or a loved one might be abusing “air:” lying; missing money; forgetfulness; shaking; unexplained bruises, scrapes, cuts, i.e. from falling; disrupted sleep habits; vomiting; confusion in conversations/texts, etc.; solitude/loss of friends; sudden lack of caring; loss of employment/drop out of school.

Phyllis and William Manaher
Cuba, N.Y.

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