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Crime rates tell a new story


Iím so glad Gary didnít take his ball and go home, but him and Mr. Kazmark should have researched those NRA talking points theyíve been parroting.

Oh, and the liíl anecdote about the 50-year-old who was getting robbed on Minnesota Ave.? If he was using a pistol, which Iíd bet he was, it proves my point. He didnít need a semi-auto to protect himself.

Like I said before, I realize weíre not going to stop every mad dog, but I donít think we should give him or her easy access to titanium fangs, either.

The gun-free zone argument that, if everybody was packing, the next sociopath who went armed into a crowded area, eager to begin his blood-soaked power trip would find Mr. ďlaw-abiding gun ownerĒ who would rip off his shirt, pull out his guns and get all Bruce Willis on their butt, that only happens in the movies, Gary.

Iím talking spree killers, not muggers. Muggers generally donít want to kill anybody and theyíre not willing to die, to get what they want. Spree killers are.

I saved the best for last, Gary, because it was just too good. You said if I crack a book and find out that Utah, Vermont and Texas have less restrictive gun laws and not nearly the murders of NYC (Letís include them too), Washington D.C. and Chicago. You asked why that was. So, I did crack a book, The World Almanac, and I found the answer. Are you ready?

Population density. In other words, Chicago and Washington have more people, per square mile, than in Texas, Utah and Vermont, put together. Heck, the overall population of Utah could fit in Chicago and youíd still have room for 100,000 more. Hereís the info for you.

State, Pop Per sq mile, Sq mi., Population

Utah, 27.2, 84,899 2,736,424.

Vermont, 65.8, 9,614. 621,270

Texas, 75.1, 268,581, 24,326,974

Chicago, 12,251, 227.1, 2,896,000

NYC, 23,701, 309, 8,008,000

Washington, D.C., 9,883, 61.4, 572,000

In other words, lots of people in a small area = more crime, fewer people = less crime. Itís hard to get mad enough to murder your neighbor, when he lives five miles away. Itís why East Otto doesnít need as many police as Buffalo does. Get it now?

But, I found out another goodie, 25 cities with the highest crime rates. Guess what? Five of the cities listed were in Texas!

Corpus Christi, Texas was No. 7, Lubbock, Texas was No. 14, Laredo, Texas was No. 17, Wichita Falls, Texas was No. 19 and Waco, Texas was No. 22. I guess Texas isnít the blissful, crime-free place you thought it was.

Larry Schultz

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