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Springville Journal letter: Battle the real March madness with the word of God

Are you feeling the March madness? Not necessarily NCAA basketball fever, but maybe the tension of the hunger for spring, pulling against the need to get things done, along with the busy, busy schedules, the battling of winter sickness, taxes and whatever else might be on your plate, today? I am certainly feeling some of that madness, too.

Maybe youíve noticed that, as a Christian, the more and more people that you love and care about, the more weight you carry on your shoulders with you, as you share their pains and worries, their sadness and failures.

Your life is like a boat at sea, vulnerable to the weather. The wind blows and throws things around, in the boat. The more pressure put on you, the harder it is to ride out the storm.

We love others. We love our family, we love our friends, we love our job (at least, enough to make it a priority; to keep it!). Those are a lot of things to fit in our little boat. Life gets busy and itís hard to keep everything together. Life tends to shake, rattle and roll, challenging our grip on the things we love most. What will you hold on to?

I pray that, this busy month, God gives you the strength to hold on to the things that are important and precious to you: the people you love. I pray that, this busy month, God gives you peace, when youíre stressed. I pray that God gives you a sense of flotation, rather than flailing through life.

Jesus took up our infirmities and carried our sorrows (Isaiah 53:4). He knows that life is always dumping more on you. So, lay it on Jesus. Jesus wants you in his boat with him. He wants to carry our burdens, just like you care about your family and friends.

Jesus wants to be there for you, to show you your sins forgiven. He is there for you. He keeps you afloat.

I encourage you to make use of Jesusí ways, to help him carry you. Come hear his word. Come receive his peace. Come lay your pressures onto his shoulders. Thatís Jesusí job; thatís Jesusí joy, too.

Lent is a perfect time to let Jesus take our load. The madness might not let up, but neither will Godís commitment to you. Jesus proved that, on Maundy Thursday, when he gave us the Lordís Supper. He proved that on Good Friday, when he was led, like a lamb, to the slaughter of the cross. He proved that, when he rose from the dead, Easter morning.

Come and celebrate that. Take a load off. Be refreshed to face the madness!

March 28, Maundy Thursday: 7 p.m. March 29, Good Friday: 7 p.m. March 31, Easter breakfast and worship: 8:45 and 10 a.m.

Pastor Dave Backus
Our Savior Evangelical Church

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