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Responding to letter to the editor regarding SAFE Act

Saw the letter from the field and stream president, but I disagree with the Journal’s title for it. Instead of “Field and Stream Tackles NY SAFE Act,” it should have been called “Field and Stream recycles NRA fairy tales.”

First of all, we shouldn’t have gun laws, because criminals will just break the law? That’s an anarchist’s argument. Criminals break the laws against drug dealing, armed robbery, murder, rape and child molesting, as well. Would Ebert say we should get rid of those laws, too?

If having a law against something would make it go away, we would have achieved utopia, by now. But we make laws to put consequences on certain actions and/or make them more difficult.

It’s kind of like the difference between buying pot in America and buying pot in Amsterdam. In the USA, you got to make connections with disreputable people. The chance of you getting ripped off is pretty good, and the chance of you getting something that doesn’t work or causes you physical harm is very good, as well. In Amsterdam, all you gotta do is go to the local coffee shop. For psychopaths that fantasize about a massive killing sprees, America is their Amsterdam. Will the SAFE Act prevent mad dogs like Adam Lanza from ever attacking innocent people? No.

But I don’t think we should give them easy access to titanium fangs, either.

The Second Amendment was designed to protect us from a tyrannical, overreaching government? Somebody has “Red Dawn” on DVD.

Remember Waco? Those guys were armed to the teeth. It didn’t help them much. Somebody’s been watching too many Bruce Willis movies.

Ah, yes, and gun-free zones. Well, Adam Lanza’s mom didn’t have a gun-free zone at her house. She’s dead now.

And, recently, a leading sniper for the Navy SEALS and two others were shot and killed, on a gun range in Texas. According to Mr. Ebert, that should’ve been the safest place on the planet. Apparently it wasn’t.

And the shooting team? Eight words. Sell your old gun; get a new one. Problem solved.

One of the things that the NRA is trying to sell is that all gun owners are saints. I know better.

When I was a kid going past the woods in the family car, we rarely saw a posted sign. You could hunt anywhere. When I was teen, all my peers would talk about going hunting, bringing a cooler of beer, a bottle of Jack and other things. This was even quite common, among the adults.

Well, local farmers got annoyed with having their cows shot by drunks, bullet holes in their barn and having to call an ambulance, pre-cell phone era, because someone was shot in a hunting accident. Now, if you travel in car to find woods that aren’t posted, you better have a full tank. You’re going to be driving a long time. It’s one of the reasons why hunting is gradually dying out.

And England, Australia and Canada? Really? Not what I think of, when totalitarian governments are mentioned. Calm your paranoid fantasies.

Larry Schultz

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