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Springville Journal letter to the editor: Student concerned about hazardous waste cleanup

My name is Alex Domon, a current senior at West Valley Central School, and would like a few minutes of your time, so that I can explain my concern about the West Valley Demonstration Project.

As you may know, the demonstration project has impacted West Valley for years. We have grown but also deteriorated. The demonstration project has given both Springville and West Valley residents jobs.

Now, it is starting to cause problems for us. We were told that the site will be decommissioned soon, but it has been moving slowly, due to too many funding cutbacks.

The employees of the demonstration site are unclear on where all of the waste, both high-level and low-level, will go. They have been sending low-level waste out, but they are also producing low-level waste and still don’t know where the high-level will go.

We have been told that they are in the process of creating exterior storage, for the high-level waste, that will stay here and, eventually, it will be moved to another location, but how do we know that it will be moved? there is no proof, right now.

What I am trying to express is that the decommissioning process is taking too long. If they would have continued to receive the funding they were promised, then they could decommission the demonstration project, on time.

Before this place is fully “dead,” it has the possibility to leak into the water around the site and that water will make it 50 miles to Lake Erie. Yes, we are only 50 miles away from the lake. I do not think anyone wants to have a catastrophe on our hands.

Thank you for your time. I wanted to express my view on the subject and to also show you that there is a problem that we need to address.

Alex Domon
West Valley

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