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Response from Colden Board member to Aug. 8 Springville Journal letter

To clarify statements published Aug. 8th, I would like to present the facts. Our third special meeting of the month was held Aug. 30th at 5 p.m., with two board members absent. Ten residences attended: three environmental board members, emergency manager, fire commissioner and five residents.

I felt information was lacking and didn’t understand why this couldn’t be presented at our September town board meeting. I stated, for the record, that I was 100 percent with everyone on the hazardous waste. What was the hurry to approve it? This can be verified by listening to the clerk’s tape.

If I were against this issue, I would not have approved the environmental chair’s mileage voucher of Aug. 8th for visits to Modern Recycling July 18 and Hazman July 24 and Aug. 6 for $103.23.

Effective communication is essential. To minimize misunderstandings, the supervisor should communicate with all town board members. The notification that came in July from the supervisor, regarding the upcoming environmental board meeting, had no negotiations mentioned; only a discussion regarding ideas. Bouquin stated “horse trading” was done and “Colden negotiated a wonderful price.” If this is true, it would have been illegal, because it must be done at a town board meeting.

Timeline for August and September:

– 9th: town board meeting. Councilman Pietraszek summarized the environmental board meeting he attended on Aug. 7th.

– 19th: The Buffalo News reports, “Hazman will work with the town of Colden.” When was this decision made and by whom?

– 21st: email from supervisor asking for input on the town cost $1,750: $1,000 to pay Hazman staff and purchase 25 boxes, at $30 each. Residents must purchase an individual box for $30, plus extra fees for other items not included for this service.

– 22nd: I sent an email asking the supervisor, “What line item would this be taken from?” It was not budgeted. On 23rd, during a meeting with town attorney, the topic of spending taxpayer money came up. He recommended that you get the best price possible. On the 24th, I was told Hazman boxes were coming before town board approval. That order was cancelled.

– 30th: Supervisor’s office was closed, so no questions could be answered. At the meeting, I received the cost proposal from Hazman. No other bids were given to the town board. I asked again, “Where is the money coming from?” I got hesitation from our supervisor and no transfer of funds were provided for approval. Any transfer of funds must have board approval.

– Sept. 8 and 9th: Hazman was at Colden Festival to hand out flyers, etc. Twice, I visited their booth and both times it was unattended. Sunday, Hazman booth was emptied by 11 a.m. Was another opportunity missed to inform the public of this service?

Tell me, was effective communication used on this issue?

Patricia Zurbrick
Colden councilman

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