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Getting to know your neighbor: EG Tax can help file the paperwork

SPRINGVILLE — With the beginning of March upon us, tax season is in full swing. Private citizens and businesses alike are crunching the numbers, looking forward to a nice payday or dreading what they might owe to the state and federal government. Trying to understand all the paperwork that goes along with filling out a tax return can be quite the headache, when trying to file without expert help.

EG Tax Services, located on East Main Street in Springville, can not only relieve that headache, but put more money in a person’s pocket by finding deductions and credits that may have been missed when filing independently. Al Getter, has owned the EG franchise in Springville for five years and has been filling private and business taxes for more than 30 years. Getter said he believes no matter what services a client may be looking for, his business can help.

“At EG, we file personal income taxes, corporate income taxes, non-profits, preparations of 1099 Miscellaneous Income forms; we do pretty much the gambit,” said Getter.

One of the benefits of filing taxes versus filing on paper or with less expensive computer software is that at EG, the customer is working with a experienced professional who knows what to look for when filing a tax return, the owner explained. According to Getter, his employees will dig deeper, by asking the questions that may be missed by self-filing.

“Every office has an experienced manager and, with our background, we hope to ask those more in-depth questions that give someone a bigger refund or lower their tax liability,” said Getter. “Someone may forget that they donated items to the Salvation Army; that’s something that can be deducted, if you itemize a deduction. Things like that make our background useful.

“As an example, an individual came to us last year. He did everything right on his return, except for a student tuition deduction. It was incorrect, because the deduction was actually a credit. He didn’t realize that the credit would actually give him more money back and it gave him roughly an extra $2,000.”

The IRS Tax filing deadline is April 15 for individuals and partnerships, although corporations are required to be filed by March 17, but EG Tax Service doesn’t close up shop after the deadline; they work year-round with businesses and individuals of all sizes with their electronic bookkeeping and payroll services and software. EG will also prepare extensions, for those businesses or individuals who do not have all their information available at the due date.

EG Tax Services will answer any questions someone may have on any tax related forms, free of change, by stopping in at 20 East Main St. Springville or by calling 592-3829.


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