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Getting to know your neighbor: Miranda’s Place opens in Springville

GRAB A BITE — Miranda’s Place, Springville’s newest restaurant, is now open at 60 South Cascade Drive. Photos by Leo Mrugala.
SPRINGVILLE — Miranda’s Place restaurant opened its doors on March 1 at its 60 South Cascade Drive location.

The Springville building, which was formerly home to Barnstead Pizza, now houses Miranda Rodriguez’s new restaurant. “It’s always been my dream to have my own restaurant,” Rodriguez said.

“The opportunity to reopen the former Barnstead Pizzeria was presented to me, by the owner of the building, and I jumped on the opportunity to fulfill my dream,” she added. “I want to bring something new to the area, as far as dining out goes.”

Rodriguez is an Arcade resident, but said that she is familiar with the village of Springville, because she has been employed here, for quite some time. “I have worked as a nurse in Springville for many years,” she said. “Although I have no restaurant experience, I have a locally well-respected executive chef named Gina Wright. Gina has over 15 years of restaurant experience and is helping me learn the business.”

Miranda’s Place offers a variety of food choices, from fish fries to specialty pizzas.

The restaurant sold more than 75 fish fries in four hours, on March 1. “I am so thrilled our fish fries were such a big hit,” Rodriguez said. “Our seafood comes fresh from Boston, Mass. and is battered in our kitchen. We also have broiled lemon pepper and Cajun haddock.”

SCRUMPTIOUS — Customers at Miranda’s Place can eat their lunch or dinner in the dining room or take the food home.
The restaurant offers fish fries on its menu every day, not just on Fridays. “We also have delicious gator bites that are fresh from Louisiana,” Rodriguez said. “They are battered and deep fried. They’ve been a huge hit. Most people have never tried them, and curiosity gets the best of them.”

Miranda’s Place is a family-oriented restaurant that welcomes customers to come in to try Springville’s newest business.

HAVING FUN — A game room allows customers and their children to enjoy themselves, while waiting for their food.
“We have a game room for the kids to enjoy, while they wait for their meal,” Rodriguez said. “I’ve been strolling the diner area, over the last couple of days, and talking to my customers. I’m a people person and I want them to feel like they are truly welcome here.”

Rodriguez said that, although she has not been in the restaurant business for very long, satisfying her customers is her No. 1 objective. “My goal is to be able to meet the needs of families,” she said. “I’ve been a single mother for over five years now and I’m also a vegetarian. When I go out to eat with my kids, our choices are limited and my kids get restless.”

Miranda’s Place offers many vegetarian and gluten-free options on its menu. The restaurant also features many low-sugar desserts. “There was a gluten-free family that visited us on Saturday,” Rodriguez said. “The mother was so thrilled with their experience, that she personally thanked me. That’s what it’s all about: making the customer happy. I’m really excited about this new chapter in my life and the fact I’m bringing something unique to Springville.”

Rodriguez said that she is attempting to create an alternative dining experience for customers in the village of Springville.

She is in the process of creating a St. Patrick’s Day menu, as well as an Easter brunch feature.

Many nightly specials are also in the works, including crab legs, chicken barbecues and baby back ribs. The business will also soon feature a family night and events for kids. “We are working on these projects and many more,” Rodriguez said. “Whatever our customers want, we will accommodate.

“Customers keep telling us what they like, so far, so we’ll continue to do what makes them happy.”

Miranda’s Place opens at 11 a.m. daily, with homemade soup and a lunch menu.

The restaurant is open Sunday – Thursday until 8 p.m. On Fridays and Saturdays, the business remains open as late as customers wish to stay. Food options are available for dine in or carry out. Rodriguez said that delivery will be available, soon.

For more information, call 592-5100.

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2013-03-21 | 17:08:07
mirandas place
First time there.had gator bites, shrimp po-boy and a cold good if not better than landrys seafood in L.A. nice menu, happy people, most of all fresh food.a very nice change to pizza and wings.they get a hands down from me. Dayton edwards-zoar valley!
2013-06-11 | 21:32:17
Mirandas Place
Wow-strange place. Only one other couple there so it wasn't too busy. Dirty half empty cup of pop sitting at the table next to us the whole time. Kids on top of the bar playing with things and putting them back. On to the food- took a long time to come out and my salad, with the wrong dressing,came out 30 seconds after my entree... Strange. Chicken Cordon blue was a chicken breast with a slice of supermarket ham thrown on top and a piece of swiss thrown on top of that. Little cup of tasteless vegetables and a cup of not so good mashed sweet potatoes. $13.50?? Gluten free menu was 2 crumpled up pieces of paper stapled together. Funny thing was both pages were identical. We dropped the Gluten free fries after finding out that they were most likely fried in the same frier as breaded chicken fingers,etc. Not sure if the meal was Gluten free but my better half spent the next few hours in the bathroom. Next, we had to go find someone so we could get our bill. All in all, we felt like we were in some Twilight Zone episode. I don't mean to seem so harsh, but i think you should really try to step up your game if you want to stay open. You could go almost ANYWHERE and learn a few pointers. And if your going to boast gluten free-understand that it means more than a gluten free piece of bread. D