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Christian Youth Corps revisits bus garage proposal

SPRINGVILLE — On behalf of the Christian Youth Corps, Pete Andrews addressed the Springville-Griffith Institute School Board, regarding a proposal the corps had sent Superintendent Dr. Paul Connelly.

On June 25, the board and Andrews spoke about the CYC’s request to take over the vacant bus garage on Vaughn Street for $1. According to Andrews, the youth corps instructs and directs programs that involve high school students’ getting instruction in building and construction.

These are community-based programs. Andrews said that the youth corps has a partnership with Home Depot, which helps supplies the organization with its materials.

“This is an option for our young people,” Andrews told the board. “It’s not only for that 16 percent that go directly into the labor force; it’s also for the rest of the kids out there. They’re all going to own homes, at one time or another. They’re all going to need to be intelligent, to hire a carpenter or hire a plumber or a electrician to come and do work. But it goes much farther than that. It gives kids that option to learn a skill or trade.”

Andrews said that the program also gives young people something to do, during the summer months.

College students, hired as construction workers, would be given the opportunity to help pay for school.

Andrews said that this program gives kids the “step ahead” they need.

During what Andrews called a “targeted education,” participants learn the basics, such as how to use a tape measure and a speed square. He said that this type of learning will help kids focus on and learn more about a career or interest.

The board has questioned this proposal, in the past, due to liability. The building and the surrounding areas have been deemed unsafe.

Andrews said that individuals involved with the CYC are willing to work, to investigate the safety of the area. “I was one of those kids [in high school],” he said. “I didn’t get into trouble. I just had some many things going on that I was really interested in, that school, sitting down and books just didn’t get along with me,” Andrews added. “There are a lot of kids that are like that out there.

“We need to give them an option, too. We can’t fit the square peg in the round hole, every time. Some of us learn by doing.”

The S-GI School Board took no action on the matter.

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