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Construction on Springville business comes to an end

WATCH OUT BELOW — The wall between the addition and the original building were being torn down the week of Oct. 15, as construction continued to progress. Photos by Lizz Schumer.
SPRINGVILLE — Spring Creek Athletic Club moved to its new location at 535 West Main St. last April, and owner Gary Wannemacher said he expects renovations to be complete by Nov. 7. Wannemacher said that so far, construction is proceeding well and he has big plans for the future.

NEED A LIFT? — Spring Creek has a selection of workout equipment, weights and classes for all fitness levels and styles.
The gym was formerly located where Springville Family Fitness is now, on Main Street, but Wannemacher said he moved to the current location, in order to have more freedom and “room to grow.” At the new building, Wannemacher hired Lehigh Construction Group to put a 60-foot addition onto the building, bringing the entire gym to 3,600 square feet.

“We loved our old location, but there wasn’t anywhere to go,” he explained. “Here, we have almost five acres to expand into.”

That expansion, Wannemacher explained, will include a full track with a lawn area in the middle for soccer and football camps, two regulation-sized, sand volleyball courts, a military-style obstacle course and basketball area.

COMING FULL CIRCLE — A cylindrical reception area will greet members from right inside the new entrance way.
One of the features of the new building that are especially unusual, Wannemacher pointed out, are the four garage doors that can be opened to let in fresh air.

“I’m going to have a concrete pad, outside the classroom,” he said, gesturing at a mirrored exercise room, in which classes are conducted. “In nice weather, we can take the rubber flooring outside and have it completely outdoors or just open the door to get the breeze.”

The owner added that he was considering implementing some outdoor classes for the winter, as well, but has no concrete plans, yet.

ENTER THIS WAY — The current entrance to Spring Creek Athletic Club will be replaced with a new entrance, once construction is complete.
As for the structure of the building itself, Wannamacher said he is trying to “class it up” with details like a hardwood-look porcelain floor, instead of tile, and special floors in the showers. A new entrance will feature a swipe card entry for 24-hour access and Wannemacher said he plans to outfit it with a brick facade, to match the current entryway, at the other end of the building.

“We want the two ends of the building to mirror each other, to sort of tie it all together,” he explained.

New mirrors will hang on the walls at an angle, above the large windows that are currently in place.

FACE LIFT — Owner Gary Wannamacher said that he plans to construct a brick facade for the new foyer, so both ends of the building match.
“We wanted to keep the windows to give it that natural light, but the mirrors will allow people to look up and see from any angle,” Wannemacher said. “It’s very different from the way most gyms are set up.”

The new, circular reception desk will have laundry facilities located directly behind it and will overlook the workout floor, with no wasted space in between.

“We learned a lot from the other location,” he said. “We wanted to improve on the flow of things and make sure we have complete access to customers. We got rid of wasted space and didn’t lose any space in the move.”

RIGHT TOOLS FOR THE JOB — Gary Wannemacher, owner of Spring Creek Athletic Club, is shown with some of the gym’s equipment. Wannemacher said about 50 percent of the equipment is in the building now, with more to come.
Although Wannamacher said “there is no doubt it’s been quite a journey,” his customer base has been supportive.

“I know of some people who are waiting to come back until we’re fully implemented, and we did lose a few, but in the grand scheme of things, the community has been very, very supportive. I was nervous about that, at first, but it’s been really great,” he said.

Spring Creek Athletic Club’s customer base is 60 percent local, with many of its members coming from Gowanda, Hamburg, Ellicottville and Arcade.

“It’s an easy trek,” Wannamacher said. “People in this area don’t think anything of making a little trip down the 219 or up 39. It’s no big deal to us to go 15 miles or so.”

The owner said he expects to be 100 percent operational within three weeks, with 24-hour access with swipe card entrance coming in mid- to late-November. He also said he plans to add a sleep apnea center in January, as part of his mission toward “total health” for consumers.

“It’s a natural fit,” he said. “A lot of people who have sleep apnea are out of shape, so putting a sleep center with a gym just makes sense.”

The Spring Creek Athletic Club is located at 535 West Main St. in Springville. The gym can be reached at 592-2000.


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