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Boston board continues running town like a business

BOSTON — “As you are aware, in the town of Boston, we kind of pride ourselves in running this town like a business,” said Councilman Jay Boardway at the April 2 meeting. “Part of that is anticipating our future needs. With that goes part and parcel of any savings that we are capable of producing, such as coming in roughly 4 percent lower than our budget last year. We want to utilize that money, for future needs.”

To that end, the board passed two resolutions, the first of which, Resolution 2014-07 establishes “the building and parks capital reserve fund.”

“It’s a resolution establishing a building and parks capital reserve fund,” said Boardway. “We previously had set some money aside for this. What the motion does is, in a sense, put away $100,000 into a specific reserve fund. With what is already given there, there will be an additional $34,804.64, again, added to that reserve fund.

“We prefer to pay cash for our toys, if you want to call it that,” he continued. “But we do need a lot of equipment, down there. We have our groundskeeping crews that do a lot of work. It requires topsoil [and] a lot of different planning, and we’ve got equipment – things like that. We prefer to have our money on hand and pay cash when we need things.”

In addition, the board passed resolution 2014-08, which established the highway equipment reserve fund. The total amount in that fund is $156,385.

“We like to pay for things with cash,” said Councilman Jeff Genzel, “and this is to stash some money away so we have it in the future to help out [Highway Superintendent] Bob [Telaak] buy new equipment that’s necessary to maintain our roads.”

Both resolutions passed by unanimous vote.

In other board matters:

– The board approved a bid of $6,876 from Urban Insulation for work on insulating pipes in the town’s trooper barracks. That bid was the lowest of four bids that were submitted to the town for the work.

“We’ve had multiple, multiple water breaks over at our trooper barracks, this winter,” said Supervisor Martin Ballowe. “We came to find out that we only have 2 inches of insulation covering our pipes, so we took it upon ourselves to get some bids.”

“The reason why we are paying for the insulation for the police barracks is because we own it,” said Boardway. “The town of Boston entered into a 20-year lease with the state police, but we built and own that building.

“In the last couple years since this board has been seated, we’ve actually refinanced that building, to the point where we’re actually going to make a profit on the lease, with the state police, but part of our lease is that we are, in fact, responsible for the maintenance and the upkeep of the building,” he continued. “Prior to our time on this board was when that was built. The engineering in the building of that building left a little bit to be desired, which we’re slowly discovering, as things go wrong over there. So, that is why you will hear us occasionally expend funds on that state police barracks building, but again, that is a town-owned building.”

– The town received correspondence from the New York State Department of Transportation, regarding construction to be done on Route 219. “They’re going to be doing work on the 219,” Ballowe explained, “from Boston to Route 39. They’re doing about 13.5 miles of reconstruction.”

– Telaak announced that Boston will receive between $8,000 and $9,000 in [Consolidated Local Street and Highway Improvement Program] funding, this year. “Our CHIPS funding is going to be increased for all the towns in the state, which would be about $40 million,” he said. This marks the second consecutive year that the town has received an increase in that funding.

– Beverly Kent was reappointed to the Zoning Board of Appeals, with a term expiring on April 1, 2019.

– Michael Monin was reappointed to the Conservation Advisory Council, with a term expiring on March 1, 2017.

– A request for rezoning at the Boston Luxury Apartments was tabled, at the request of Town Attorney Michael Kobiolka.

– A blood drive will be held in the Boston Town Hall Community Room on Tuesday, April 15, from 2:30-7 p.m. Bella Pizza will donate a free small pizza to each donor, according to Town Clerk Jennifer Mule’.

– Two councilman expressed their sympathies for the late Dennis Mead, former councilman in the town of Boston.

“A member of our family up here, previous board member, Dennis Mead passed away last week,” said Genzel. “I just want to say sorry to his family.”

“I join Councilman Genzel in remembering the passing of Dennis Mead,” said Boardway. He added, “Before he was taken ill, [he] served as the chairman of our [ZBA]. We obviously thank him for his service. His family understands that we’ve passed that onto the family, over the weekend. We wish them the best and offered our condolences to the entire family.”

The next town of Boston board meeting is scheduled for April 16 at the Boston Town Hall, located at 8500 Boston State Road in Boston. The meeting will begin at 7:30 p.m. Both Ballowe and Genzel stated that they will be absent from the next meeting due to personal reasons.


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