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Springville Center for the Arts’ Indiegogo campaign goes live

GOOD NEWS FOR SPRINGVILLE — Pictured is the front of the Springville Center for the Arts’ Art’s Cafe project at 5 East Main St. Photos by Jessie Owen.
SPRINGVILLE — The Springville Center for the Arts has set up an online fundraising campaign to kick-start its work on the Art’s Cafe in Springville. The campaign, located on the Indiegogo website, went live on Friday, Sept. 21. The site is the same one used to raise more than $700,000 for bullied bus monitor Karen Klein, earlier this year.

When it acquired the 5 East Main St. location from the village of Springville, the SCA entered into an agreement that spelled out a strict timetable for the building’s renovation.

WORK TO BE DONE — Shown is the back of the Springville Center for the Arts' new acquisition, 5 East Main St.
Before any of the interior decay can be cleared, bracing must be done on both the front and back walls of the building, to ensure the safety of both the workers inside the building and the public on the outside right-of-way.

SCA Executive Director Seth Wochensky compared the building’s current condition to that of a cardboard box without a top and bottom. “It’s very unstable,” he said, of the structure, which currently sports a caved-in roof.

The developer’s agreement set a timeline for the bracing of the exterior walls. That process, as well as the completion of an architectural drawing, must be done within 6 months. “We can’t remove the guts until steel shoring is put on the front and rear walls,” Wochensky said. Steel reinforcements will be placed on either side of both walls. Bids are currently being accepted for the steel shoring.

“It’s tricky, because you can’t move anything in there,” Wochensky said. “This first stage of work is the most frustrating. Once the inside is removed, it will be fairly swift.”

Calling the steel shoring work a “big, necessary piece of the renovation,” Wochensky said that the SCA needs the community’s assistance to begin work on the future Art’s Cafe.

The SCA’s Indiegogo campaign went live with a stated goal of $30,000. Visitors to the site can make free-will donations to the Springville Center for the Arts’ project, in amounts of their choosing.

Contributors donating gifts starting at $25 and going up to $1,000 will receive rewards, starting with a free coffee punch card and including many intermediate steps. Donators of $1,000 will receive free coffee for life.

“You are collecting a lot of smaller community partners, as opposed to a few businesses,” Wochensky said, pointing out how much the campaign involves the community, as a whole.

While the SCA will receive all of the fundraising money if more than $30,000 is raised, the center will not receive anything if the target amount is not met. “We have to meet our goal within one month or we get nothing,” Wochensky said.

A video posted on the Indiegogo site allows viewers to take a virtual tour of the building and explains the project and the SCA’s vision for it.

All of the contributions raised via Indiegogo will go to this first step of shoring the Art’s Cafe walls.

“This has to happen before we see any outside dollars,” Wochensky said. “We have to stabilize this building.”

Work can begin on the shoring when the $30,000 is raised.

The cafe will be a subsidiary of the center for the arts’ and will be owned by the SCA, although Wochensky said the business will be a “standard for-profit corporation. We’ll pay property taxes on a portion of the property, as well as sales tax. We will be contributing to the tax base.”

The architectural design includes two second-floor resident spaces, in addition to the main floor cafe. Those apartments will allow the SCA to house resident artists, as well as provide space for center for the arts interns. Plans are also being made to construct rehearsal or workshop spaces in the basement.

The SCA will create a green roof where there is currently no roof at all, as weather and a lack of upkeep has caused the top of the structure to cave in.

Wochensky said that green roofs are seen in many cities and involve sod’s being positioned on the roof to protect the building from UV light and to absorb rain. This treatment also extends the life of the roof.

A gray water system will be utilized, inside the building. This will recycle water from the cafe’s sinks – not toilets – to use in watering vegetable plants that will be grown on the roof of the cafe.

Wochensky reiterated that none of the interior work can begin until the shoring is completed.

“This is a key piece of the process,” he said. “This will require help from the community. We need to have funding to save this building. There’s no way around it. We have to stabilize this building.”

To contribute toward the Art’s Cafe’s future, visit For more information about the SCA’s ongoing project, visit


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