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Chris Cerrone and Jenny Sullivan announce S-GI school board bid

Chris Cerrone and Jenny Sullivan
SPRINGVILLE — On April 15, Chris Cerrone and Jennifer Sullivan gathered with family and friends to announce their plan to run for two of the three open seats on the Springville-Griffith Institute School Board.

“We are running together because we believe our skills and priorities complement one another. We believe in improving communication in the district; stopping unfunded state mandates and demanding fair funding from Albany; ensuring a quality, well-rounded education for current and future students and increasing the district’s involvement in the broader community,” said Sullivan, of her and Cerrone’s decision to run together.

“As a graduate of S-GI, lifelong resident of the district and community volunteer, I am excited to be your next school board representative,” continued Sullivan. She also added that she feels strongly that the town of Colden and Colden Elementary School need to be represented on the board.

“It is critical to have someone on the school board that can speak up for parents and taxpayers in Colden,” said Sullivan.

Chris Cerrone, known in Western New York for his advocacy on the negative impact of standardized tests said, “I have volunteered for many community endeavors over the years and it is time to bring my energy to help our schools achieve their potential.”

Cerrone is a Springville resident and has two children who attend Springville Elementary School. He has volunteered and coached for Springville Youth, Inc. for many years, in various capacities.

Both Sullivan and Cerrone pointed to their community service, their experience advocating for school funding and quality programming and their past and present involvement on building and district-wide committees as strengths. Cerrone noted, “I am proud of my advocacy on behalf of public education and bring that knowledge and experience to the S-GI School Board.”

The two candidates will be talking with voters and community organizations, over the next several weeks.

“This year’s school board elections present a real opportunity for dialogue and in-depth discussion of critical issues facing our school and our broader community. We want to hear from everyone we can, between now and May 20th,” said Cerrone.

The candidates are being supported by current S-GI Board member Allison Duwe and Revitalize Springville, a grassroots organization with a mission to build a stronger community.

The Springville Journal does not endorse or support any candidate or party for public office. To submit a candidacy announcement, email, fax it to 592-4663 or send it to 41 East Main St., Springville.

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2014-04-26 | 02:02:25
nice press release
Too bad the Journal hasn't done any reporting on the school district in years. Double bad that the revitalize clowns are trying to ruin our schools like they are the town village. Chris is a good a good guy who shouldn't have cozied up to these birkenstock wearing brown shirts.
2014-04-26 | 02:06:05
It's hard to believe that a front page story that reads like a press release is anything less than a full endorsement. Actual reporting would mention the names of the other candidates.
2014-04-26 | 02:06:09
It's hard to believe that a front page story that reads like a press release is anything less than a full endorsement. Actual reporting would mention the names of the other candidates.
2014-04-26 | 17:51:19
Yeah I heard Cerrone and Sullivan wear birkenstocks. Before you know it they will be forcing us all to wear comfortable sandals!
2014-04-28 | 18:41:40
Press release
Such a press release should be used as part of a balanced report of all the candidates running for our school board and certainly not prominately placed at top of front page. Shame on you. I expect to see the other candidates front and center in the next issue. Revitalize Springville has no business politicizing school board elections.Their track record shows they have no concept of the reality of village/town management. Our school district needs level headed guidance to continue support for strong educational values.
2014-04-29 | 01:24:48
Status Quo.
Apparently from the previous comments, the same folks who have been running gov't in our town do not like to be challenged. A contested election with a variety of ideas is good for democracy. Or should we settle for the same old tired ideas?
2014-05-22 | 14:21:19
Poor job by journal
It seems like the Journal has focused on only 2 of the 7 candidates. Unfair to the others who were just as dedicated and qualified. Hope that people wake up and see that Revitalize is not good for the village or for the school board. They have done nothing to improve the village except take excessive amounts of taxpayer money to save buildings that are a mess. I hope that Chris and Jenny are independent thinkers but only time will tell.