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Concord town board approves land rezoning

CONCORD—The town of Concord held its regularly scheduled board meeting on Thursday, June 12. Many topics on the meetings agenda were discussed in the board member work session prior to the nights meeting. Much of the work session was spent speaking with town Engineer Mark Alianello. The first matter engineer Alianello updated board members on was the status of the Crane Ridge sewer project. The project has hit a slight snag during the bidding process as the only bid on the project, made by Sergi Construction, came in significantly higher than anticipated.

Alianello informed the board that he is working with the owner of Sergi Construction, Frank Sergi to come up with another option for the project. The method of pipe bursting is currently being discussed. Pipe bursting is a process that involves a new sewage pipe to be placed inside of the existing pipe. Sergi Construction believes the Crane Ridge project would cost around $145,000. Alianello will be looking into the project further and noted that the area involved in this project is one of the worst areas in Crane Ridge, so if the method is successful the same type of technology could be considered in the future.

Alianello also reported on the progress of the new senior center project. He informed board members that once the State Environmental Quality Review Act is complete, the next step is to adopt the Bond Resolution to authorize the board to spend $1,785,000. The SEQR is a required step in all government project to assess the environmental impact. The bond will be put up for vote on Aug. 12.

During the public session, the board set a public hearing for changes in the town of Concord’s Dog Control Officer policy. Currently, the DCO can hold a dog up to five days, changes in the local law will look to bring that time down to three days in compliance with the state law. Other minor changes relating to the DCO’s policy will be made to the local law as well, the public hearing will be held prior to the July 10 town board meeting.

An ongoing issue that has been discussed over the last several months came to an end during the meeting. Board members unanimously voted to rezone a section of property located on South Cascade Drive, from agricultural-residential to a commercial property.

Although the property, which is owned by Joseph Roosa, is near many other commercial zoned properties, the process was held up over concern of what exactly the property will be used for. After a previous public hearing was held and the board sought legal guidance, the SEQR was completed and board members were ready to vote.

The SEQR reviews a number of different impacts that the construction project would have on the surrounding area, including traffic, air quality, erosion and drainage impacts, the impairment of important historical, archeological, or architectural resources and many more. Outside of a short term impact to air quality during construction, and a possibility for a slight increase in traffic to the area, no red flags were raised when reviewing the SEQR, thus prompting the board to approve the rezoning.

The next Concord town board meeting will be held on July 10 at the Concord Town Hall, located at 86 Franklin St. in the village of Springville. The meeting will begin at 7:30 p.m., a half hour later than usual board meetings.

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