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No hunting in Springville: village deems deer safe

SPRINGVILLE — The deer are safe in Springville, for now. At the Sept. 17 Springville village board meeting, the trustees and Springville Mayor William Krebs discussed a recent deer survey, conducted for Mill Street, and determined that deer hunting within village lines is not necessary, at this time.

A complaint had been submitted to the village board about deer eating a resident’s plants and a New York State Department of Conservation study was conducted to examine the severity of the issue, according to Krebs.

“New York state is responsible for managing the herd and we’ve had conversations throughout the year,” he explained. “It’s up to the local government to initiate [hunting within village borders], if the problem becomes severe.”

The village sent out a survey to residents and asked whether the deer were causing severe enough damage to property or if they were a threat to safety, whether the residents would want to allow hunting to mitigate the problem and whether the residents would allow hunters to harvest deer, on their own property. As a result, eight responders said yes and five said no.

At the meeting, Mill street resident Gail Max said that she does not have a problem with the deer and that she is against hunting in that area. Resident Julie Rzepecki said she agreed.

The board voted against forming a committee to further examine the problem.

“We weren’t convinced the problem was severe enough, based on these results,” Krebs said. “We were worried about the safety of the residents and there are other remedies to mitigate the population, such as fencing and selective planting. The [Mill Street] area is right up to the village line and the fact is, deer can’t read. They can be hunted outside the village and the herd can be controlled that way.

“We get a lot of concerns about animals,” Krebs continued. “The discussion is usually very emotional, but I think we’ve done our due diligence.”

The board also reviewed the plans for the Scenic Byway signs planned for the pocket park at Main and Mechanic streets. Krebs and Village Administrator Tim Horner met with a landscape architect on Sept. 19, to discuss the streetscape of Route 39 between routes 219 and 240 and the potential landscaping of the park.

“It’s going to be a pedestrian sign, meaning people can walk up to it and read it. They all look the same [across the Scenic Byway route]. The sign will highlight the historic and cultural assets in Springville,” Krebs said. “It will be installed in March and we plan to redesign the park, which the village owns, to make it into a greenspace in the middle of the Main Street business district.”

Alma Brown was authorized to prepare a grant application for funds for the creation of a Certified Local Government brochure for the village. The village will pay $750 for this brochure, matching the grant amount. The brochure is intended to outline the function of the Historic Preservation Commission and the benefits of becoming a Certified Local Government.

“The purpose of the commission, in large part, is to promote historical restoration in the community. Its main purpose is to protect the historic character of the buildings and maintain that character, for years to come,” Krebs explained. “This brochure will explain the purpose of the [Certified Local Government] program. We are working with David Batterson and Alma Brown to gather information and see what’s available.”

The deadline for the grant application is in October, and Krebs said the brochure was expected to take shape for several months after that.

The annual Community Development Block Grant public hearing was set for Oct. 15. Two proposals are on the table, according to Krebs: a rural van service, funded in part by the CDBG and a water line replacement on Smith Street.

In other board news:

– The board accepted the bid from O’Connell Electric for the 115kV switch upgrade to the North Street substation.

– Police Chief John Fox told the board that there are two suspects under investigation in conjunction with the July robbery at the Spring Creek Pharmacy and also reported two incidences of robbery and an ongoing narcotic investigation. He noted that the crime level in Springville has not increased.

– Fire Chief Dennis Dains reported that annual International Organization for Standardization tests have been completed.

– Brenda Singleton was hired as part-time dispatcher at the Springville Control Center.

– The board approved a motion to support the Springville Justice Court in applying for a $30,000 grant to enhance security devices and measures at the court and justice office.

– Horner was authorized to negotiate an amount for a 5-year lease with automatic renewal to be awarded to Eagan Real Estate Services for placing a support satellite on the cellular and water tower on Carolina Street.

– A resolution was passed to establish standard work days for elected and appointed officials, to be reported to the New York state and local employees’ retirement system.

The next regular meeting of the Springville village board will be held at the municipal building on Oct. 1 at 7 p.m.


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2012-09-29 | 00:41:20
I am a village resident and I did not receive any survey.