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New wind turbine scheduled for production this fall

Grover Riefler and Kean Stimm
SPRINGVILLE — Kean Wind Turbines Inc., a local startup company, has undertaken the development of a series of turbines that capture a greater percentage of the kinetic energy in the wind than traditional turbines.

The new turbines have eight overlapping, fixed blades, welded to a rotating cowling, which constrains and uses all of the air mass presented to the turbine’s face. The kinetic energy in the wind is captured by using the law of physics as explained by Sir Isaac Newton, rather than Bernoulli’s Theorem, which utilize open blade windmills.

The Kean turbines are made up of 75 parts, rather than the 8,000 in a three-blade windmill.

An engineering prototype has been tested, outside and in a wind tunnel, with results’ read and documented, by third party observers. Kean estimated that a 10-foot diameter wind turbine could replace an 80-foot diameter open blade windmill, with the same power output. The 10- and 14-foot turbines will cost and weigh approximately the same as a compact automobile.

Turbines can be placed onto the roofs of schools, office buildings and apartment buildings. They experience no interference, so multiple turbines may be mounted, next to each other.

The Kean company announced that it will be creating four plants, within the eight counties of Western New York. Each plant will employ 75 people and produce approximately 10 turbines, per day. Licensed manufacturing plants, around the world, will bring royalties back to WNY.

The Kean firm was founded in March 2011 and is owned by Western New Yorkers, who all have an equal investment. A pending patent has been filed in the United States and in approximately 50 other countries. That patent was published, worldwide, in December 2010.

Grover Riefler, pictured above, the owner of Creekside Industrial Park, became an active stockholder in November and a director of the company, this past April.

For more information about the turbines, visit or call 626-0200.

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2013-06-25 | 14:52:51
Small wind turbines
Very interesting product, interesting to compare the output with other small wind turbines which can be found on
2013-06-29 | 10:40:03
Kean Wind Turbines
Good luck in the development of this project. While we definitely need to develop our green energy, the monster turbines that are presently littering the landscape across the U.S. are an absolute eyesore. Many appear to be nonoperational