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Celebrate this New Year’s Eve with the whole family, including the kids

COUNTING DOWN — New Year’s Eve is often more exciting for adults than kids, but use these tips to make it fun for the whole family. Journal file photo.

SPRINGVILLE — New Year’s Eve can be one of the most festive nights of the year, when friends and families gather to count down the waning moments of the year, as they anticipate the one to come. While adults tend to look forward to New Year’s Eve festivities more than children, there are ways parents can ring in the New Year with their kids.

– Invite the kids into the kitchen. New Year’s Eve festivities often include food, so why not invite youngsters to cook, too? Kids may not be interested in preparing the main course, but let youngsters get involved, when baking cookies and cakes.

Little ones can choose their favorite treats and then help mom and dad prepare those snacks for guests coming over, to join in the festivities. Decorate desserts with a New Year’s Eve theme. Easy recipes for kids can be found online, at many cooking websites.

– Pick funny resolutions out of a hat. Families who want to add some fun to this tradition can sit down and write their own resolutions. Place each person’s ideas in a hat and then pick them out, before the kids go to bed or right after the clock strikes midnight, whichever comes first.

– Make a New Year’s pinata. Many people watch the ball drop from Times Square in New York City, on New Year’s Eve. Celebrants can bring a taste of this tradition into their own homes, by creating a pinata that looks like the ball in Times Square. Fill the ball with treats and games for kids, who can take chances trying to break the pinata, once the clock strikes midnight or earlier, if they aren’t awake, by the time the new year begins.

To learn how to make a pinata, visit a craft site, such as Other New Year’s Eve crafts can keep the little ones busy, as the clock counts down. Visit, for ideas on what to make.

– Make predictions for the year to come. Ask young sports fans to predict which teams will win championships, in their respective leagues, while asking other children to share their predictions on awards shows or other social events, for the coming year. Younger kids might not be able to make specific predictions, so ask them to write down what they hope to see happen, in the new year.

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