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Editorials from Springville NY


#IceBucketChallenge raises more than just some goosebumps

Anyone who has social media has seen it. A video of their friend standing outside with a bucket next to them, they do a quick little speech about Amyotrophic... more

Point of View: Likability and honesty often go hand-in-hand

Likeability is a treasure. And honesty is a component of likeability. Caring, engaging, speaking little about self and showing much greater interest in... more

Small businesses help keep Springville moving forward

I interrupted a conversation earlier this week about two coworkers’ business idea, and added in one that I have been harboring for a little while. Although... more

Sherman Says: Frivolous calls to the police don’t help uphold their honor

The job of a police officer is more demanding than ever. As members of the Buffalo Police Department can attest, the scrutiny over their conduct is at... more

Sherman Says: You could call the State Fair ‘Andrew’s Brewery’ this year

Just when a bit of negative press began to bubble up around the re-election campaign of Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the widely-popular Democrat has come up with... more

Wasting my weekends exploring Western NY

Being a Western New York transplant there are a lot of things I haven’t seen in the area. I’ve been to Bills and Sabres games, and a few breweries in the... more

Jills are hopefully setting an example to younger females

In the year 2014, we have cars that drive themselves, waterproof cell phones, a Pope who understands that Catholicism isn’t perfect and more solar panels... more