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Editorials from Springville NY


Sherman Says: History can be heartbreaking, 13 years later

Someone came into our office early that bright, sunny morning and told our receptionist that a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center in New York... more

Springville and I, we’re doing just fine

Growing up on Staten Island we used to play a game called six degrees of separation. Someone would name a person they would know and we’d rattle off names... more

Sherman Says: Cushing deserved Medal of Honor; so does Holleder

The United States is a country that sometimes does not do enough for its military veterans. Fortunately, one oversight is about to be corrected. First... more

So God made a police officer...

I come from a family of police officers. I’m the daughter of two officers, the niece of four and cousin of one. It taught me a lot early on in life. Between... more

Waiting for a friend

While on my way home from work earlier this week I noticed a dog standing in the middle of the road. I slowed down to make sure he didn’t run in front... more

Even big girls deserve birthday parties

My daughter was always fortunate that her birthday fell within about a week of the first day of school. New clothes and accessories came her way simultaneously... more

Sherman Says:A career in journalism sure beats selling paint

Thirty-seven years ago this week, I was selling house paint at Twin Fair, a locally owned big box retail store on Elmwood Avenue not far from my alma mater,... more

Summer stay a little longer, please

It seems that everywhere we turn summer is ending. Summer beers are no longer available, making way for Oktoberfest ones and the “pumpkin season is back!”... more