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Editorials from Springville NY


A Point of View: Noble in service, nobel in life, we remember

Many of us recall the words of John Fitzgerald Kennedy: “As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter... more

To veterans tax exempt, or not?

Currently, the Springville-Griffith Institute board of education is in the middle of deciding whether or not to approve the veterans tax exemption within... more

Why should I vote?

I have a late birthday, so when all my friends were turning 18 in 2008, I was the last. Most other occasions, I considered this to be a good thing. Except... more

A Point of View: Americans want to believe in the system of voting again

Election Day is only a matter of days away. A candidate for public office may be able to be elected on charm the first time around but, to be re-elected?... more

Warm the Children warms the hearts of kids in need

Earlier this week, I was told that the people of Springville and the surrounding areas are “generous and warm-natured, always willing to help their neighbors.”... more

A Point of View: America is a republic and the people matter

Recently, I attended a public school board meeting, a village board meeting and a town board meeting. My objective was to view a republic in action. At... more

Sherman Says: Fall foliage has little to do with this being the best time of the year

This is one of the best times of the year and it has little, if anything, to do with the changing colors of seasonal foliage. The major league baseball... more

Construction and road repairs are a necessary evil

There’s a joke about heavily wintered areas that outlines the four seasons as fall, winter, spring and construction. A funny little notion until you’re... more

A Point of View: An open letter to grandchildren everywhere

A short time ago, I started to write a letter to my six grandchildren. However, before I finished my letter, I was invited to speak to a local group of... more

Sherman Says: When more than a coincidence, it must be ‘cosmic tumblers’

In the movie “Field of Dreams,” the lead character has a difficult time convincing one of his literary heroes that his intentions are honorable. Picture... more

S-GI’s response to Monday’s scare was OK in my eyes

The dangerous thing about rumors is that it’s easy to get caught up in a good story without regard for facts. We get so invested in what we hear, that... more