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Feature Stories from Springville NY


Farmers markets, stands offer tastes of the season

ERIE COUNTY—To local farmers and growers, summertime means new produce in season. To local residents, it means that fresh produce is popping up at local... more

A Point of View: Back to school is a time for all of us to come together in the name of our students

Friedrich August von Hayek set a tone for today's schools. Hayek, a well known economist and philosopher of the 1900s said so brilliantly "The mind cannot... more

Mosquitoes in Erie Co. test positive for West Nile Virus

ERIE COUNTY—Submitted by the Erie County Office of the Commissioner of Health: Recently, the New York State Department of Health Wadsworth Center’s Arbovirus... more

Life Happens: Saying good-bye to summer, again

Back to school time is looming again. I can tell because I just saw Halloween decorations for sale while on a local shopping trip. But, if we were to go... more

Gardening and More: Morty the corpse flower draws record crowd

“It was like waiting for a child to be born,” said David J. Swartz, president of the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens, “but when it came, it was... more

Gardening and More: Compromises and shade bring Hamburg couple’s garden together

Barb and Dave Whittemore of 33 Sherwood Ave., Hamburg, have a shady backyard. Shade is a challenge if you want a colorful and interesting ornamental garden.... more

No matter how you say it, the fair is a celebration

Who is celebrating their demisemiseptcentennial this year? Why, the Erie County Fair, of course. According to, the Fair is celebrating its 175th... more

Gernatt family celebrates years of history for the 60th time

COLLINS—Sixty years ago, John and Martha Gernatt decided that since family was so important to them, it was only natural to have a celebration each summer,... more

Get creative with your garden art

At this time of year, we may develop gaps in our gardens. Perhaps a perennial didn’t spread as much as we expected, or deer or bugs demolished a plant.... more

Feuz brings community and school together at Springville Elementary School

SPRINGVILLE—Marcole Feuz has a lot to be happy about after the year she’s had. In April, she got married and is still enjoying the life of a newlywed,... more

Sherman Says: Even black and white cartoons classify as fine art

Drawing always came easily to me. It was a skill I must have inherited from my father, as he was always good with both watercolor illustrations and posters... more