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Feature Stories from Springville NY


Life Happens:Getting lost in old-time charm is easy at the Springville Auction

The other day, I was looking for somewhere to go. I had a morning off, and just felt like I had been working so hard lately, that life was passing me by.... more

Gardening and More: Plant fruits and vegetables now, choose lawn fertilizer carefully

Fruit bushes that are already full of berries can be purchased and planted now, says Fred Safford, who is in charge of trees and shrubs at Lockwood’s Greenhouses,... more

Gardening and More: For a flower you don’t have to water, choose day lilies

There are lots of reasons to look for drought-tolerant plants. The first reason, of course, is that we might get a drought. Another reason is that you... more

Gernatt honored at Hulburt Library

SPRINGVILLE—Annette Gernatt spent her entire life knowing what she wanted to be when she grew up. She knew she wanted to spend her life surrounded by books... more

Life Happens: Chipmunks, cherries and an unused oven

I love the outdoors. But, as a rule, I prefer the outdoors to remain right where it ought to be… on the other side of my door. Last week, I was having... more

Gardening and More:Open Gardens are under way in the WNY area through July

Everyone knows about garden walks, but the Open Gardens, which are also part of the National Garden Festival, are less well known. The Open Gardens are... more