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Safety First: Leave the fireworks to the professionals

SPRINGVILLE — Independence Day celebrations will begin soon and so too will the use of illegal fireworks. Possession possession of fireworks is illegal, in New York state. New York is one of five states in the country to prohibit the use of these items.

Some citizens have noticed ads for fireworks that entice them to legally purchase fireworks, over the Pennsylvania state line. It is not illegal to advertise in this manner or to purchase the items in Pennsylvania, but it is illegal to bring fireworks over the state border.

The Internet is also playing a role in New Yorkers’ purchasing fireworks. The use of “make your own fireworks kits” and components is enough to send shivers down anyone’s spine. Please monitor and supervise what your children are ordering online.

The safest way to prevent fireworks-related injuries is to leave fireworks displays to trained professionals. Not only do they know what they are doing and dealing with, but they carry insurance, should anyone get hurt. Check your local paper, to determine the times and dates of fireworks shows. They are free and much safer than doing it yourself.

Never allow young children to play with fireworks, particularly sparklers, as they are very dangerous. They burn at a very high temperature (1,200 degrees Fahrenheit) and can easily ignite clothing. You wouldn’t give your child matches to play with, so why would you give him or her fireworks? Children can’t possibly understand the dangers involved and cannot act appropriately, in case of an emergency.

There is no totally safe way for the average consumer to use fireworks. Even when people think they are being careful, the lack of quality control in these products can vary greatly and lead to disaster. It only takes a second, to create a lifetime of tragedy. Please be careful!

Happy Independence Day!

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