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Life Happens: I am an accidental cat lady

HAMBURG ó Iíve always liked cats. I had cats as pets, as a child, and Iíve always had cats in my life. I have never thought of myself as a crazy cat lady because, to really earn that title, I would have to own a lot more cats than I do. The cutoff is four or five cats.

In life, unexpected things sometimes happen. When my daughter moved back home, she brought her two cats with her.

If you are craving excitement, drama and adventure, you must bring together two sets of cats who have never before lain eyes on each other.

The first week was an orange blur of yowling, spitting fur, as four cats fought, in a vicious ball of teeth and claws. This happened all day and all night.

The felines knocked things off end tables and walls, in their frenzy to kill each other. The hissing and growling never stopped, except when it was time to eat. They called time out, for 15 minutes, and then went right back at it, when the last morsel of food was gone.

Things eventually calmed down a little. Ginger and Joey, my two cats, continue to walk about with an insulted air, because the intruders would not leave.

Kitty and Szyska have become airborne. They cover the upper perimeter of the house, by jumping from the top of the refrigerator, to the top of the oven, to the top of the laundry room cupboards.

One day, Kitty was sitting on top of my back door. I donít know how he got there, but when it was time to eat, he managed to swoop down and eat all his food, as well as clean Gingerís and Szyszkaís plates in about three gulps.

Thereís a whole lot of meowing going on, too. Not one of the cats gives the standard ďmeowĒ that most people think of, when they think of cats.

Ginger will remind the newbies that this is her house and they are not welcome. She yowls in the kitchen. How the rest of the animals have kept from getting the message is beyond me.

Kitty sings, as he flies through the air, while Szyska throws in her meowly 2 cents. My big cat, Joey, just shakes his head in disgust.

I have learned to identify the cats, by the sounds they make.

I think Iíve bought my ticket for the bullet train to Crazy Cat Lady Town.

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