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Your stories: A blizzard can’t freeze James DePasquale

COLDEN — The town of Colden has a new town supervisor in James DePasquale. The new chief was sworn in on Jan. 1, after he won against fellow Republican Annie Hoffman on Election Day in November.

Hoffman was seeking her second four-year term as town supervisor. The new supervisor of Colden said he is thankful for all the support that he received, throughout the election process. “I can’t thank the people of this town enough, for believing in me,” said DePasquale.

“Whenever I talk to people around town, I try to tell them that I want to do what is best for them. I want to do what is best for the residents of this great town of Colden. They stood behind me and now I want to help them, in any way possible. The support that I have received has been unbelievable and I’m going to do everything in my power, in order to meet the needs of the people.”

DePasquale, a Buffalo native, has lived in Colden since 1997. He graduated from Erie Community College with a degree in criminal justice, and began working for the New York State Department of Corrections in 1988. DePasquale was a councilman in the town of Colden in 2005 and said that he has always wanted to be able to do more for his community.

“I’ve worked for years with our volunteer fire company and have always enjoyed helping people,” he said. “Taking on this new position will give me the power to help the people, in a much more significant manner.

“I want to make the government simpler for the people,” he continued. “I also want to make it more friendly. I want to bring honesty, transparency and loyalty to the people of Colden. I will be open to the people and their opinions, as well as my fellow board members.”

Being elected supervisor comes with many challenges, he explained. It is an around-the-clock job that entails many different aspects of everyday life. DePasquale’s first week in office was no exception, as the first blizzard in more than 20 years hit Western New York. The storm created many safety issues in the town of Colden and the newly-elected town supervisor had his first major problem to deal with.

“It was pretty nerve-racking, dealing with the blizzard this past week, but with the help of my great supporting staff, we were able to get through it safely,” said the new official.

“My staff was so helpful, throughout the week. I have to give a lot of thanks to our highway superintendent, Paul Clarkson, and to our disaster coordinator, Scott Wohlhueter. They both kept an eye out for everything on the roads and took a lot of weight off my shoulders.”

The weather was so bad, DePasquale had to make the decision to put a travel ban in effect, for the town of Colden.

“We had to put the travel ban in effect because it wasn’t safe for our plows to be on the road,” said DePasquale. “Our plows couldn’t even see what they were plowing and I wasn’t going to risk having them out in that weather. I didn’t want people on the roads if they weren’t cleared, so that’s why we made the decision on the travel ban. We couldn’t guarantee safe driving conditions, given the situation, so it was the right call. This experience will only help us going forward and it will better prepare us for the next storm.”

Storm or no, DePasquale said that he is excited about his new position as Colden town supervisor and is looking forward to helping the people of Colden, in the coming years.

“The No. 1 goal is to make sure the people are happy and safe,” said DePasquale.

“I’ll work as hard as I can, in order to give this town what it needs. My staff acts in good faith; they want to help the people. Together, we’ll provide the town of Colden with a government that is best for them.”

The town of Colden can be found online at DePasquale can be reached at or by calling 941-5022.


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