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Rod, Gun & Game: New York state gun control agenda exceeds the federal plan

WHAT THE FUTURE HOLDS — Sweeping changes to New York state firearms laws will reduce the list of legal firearms allowed in the state. Photo used courtesy of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.
SPRINGVILLE — Firearms owners’ fears that the New York State Assembly and Senate legislative sessions will provide additional burdens to law-abiding citizens appear to be justified, with the addition of highly-restrictive gun law changes for the state.

While New York currently has the toughest gun control laws in the country, its firearm owners will soon have to follow even tougher restrictions, which will do very little to change gun policy for lawbreakers, but which will hinder the rights of those who own multiple firearms. Mandates that are deemed solutions to prevent future gun tragedies are about to become law.

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo is leading the rush to push gun change. He has received approval from the state Senate to make some very restrictive changes to our gun laws. The Assembly accepted the changes, without much discussion, since that body has always supported the gun control agenda.

Despite the tens of thousands of objection letters which have been sent to members of the NYS Congress and to Cuomo in opposition to these new laws, it appears that our officials will vote in favor of additional gun control, while saying little about mental health control.

Some discussion has taken place about establishing a database of U.S. firearm owners. What about establishing a database for the one thing common to all of the individual young people who have committed these inhuman mass-shooting crimes with firearms in the last several years?

Every single one of them was on some form of anti-depressant medication. The medical professionals who had treated them knew these people, prior to their acts of violence. Are these doctors doing their job properly?

Establishing a database to track the use of such medications and their professional moderators and establishing control criteria for this segment of our population would be a better idea. We need accountability in this regard, not new firearms laws. Our legislators have not done their jobs properly. Have they to looked at the whole picture? Maybe not, but they have certainly reacted to knee-jerk reaction logic.

Some of the proposed law changes include National Instant Criminal Background Check System checks for ammunition purchases; reducing ammunition clips from 10 to seven; making many hunting firearms illegal; requiring handgun owners to renew their licenses every five years; increasing penalties for using a gun in the commission of a crime; stiffening penalties for bringing a gun onto school properties and setting new restrictions on semi-automatic firearms already owned by New York residents. To read the list, visit

Senator Mark Grisanti, the former chairman of the Senate Environmental Conservation Committee, voted in favor of the NYS Senate Bill S2230 changes. Republican Senator Michael Ranzenhofer voted no.

Many Americans are trying to quickly get involved in the attempt to prevent these gun law changes, but it might be too late. The National Rifle Association reported more than 100,000 new members, during the last two weeks. These are sad days for America. Our forefathers would be embarrassed in the way this country has changed. Certain inalienable rights now appear to have become revisable and infringed upon. We appear to be witnessing total anarchy, but only time will tell.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Do not follow where the path may lead. Go, instead, where there is no path and leave a trail.” When the founding fathers created the Bill of Rights, they put in place inalienable rights, not politically-motivated rights.

Will other states follow this emotional political feather in the cap of the New York legislative machine? There may be an exodus of New York residents to states with more common sense, very soon. That should help the tax base!

Remember the rhetoric that is printed on each $1 bill: “In God we trust.” Our future will be interesting, to say the least.

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2013-01-21 | 15:10:05
Because of the historical increase nationwide of drunken driving death of innocent people young and old, the governor signed legislation into law last night known as the Alcohol Driver Safety Act 2013. Immediately, every individual who wants to consume and/or purchase alcohol must register with the State. After a thorough background investigation ascertaining that the applicant does not have any prior alcohol related violation, the applicant will be issued an Alcohol Drinking Permit (Permit). A Permit must be presented for inspection as required if the individual wants to purchase and/or consume alcohol. A state database will be maintained of all Permit holders. Permit renewal will be required every five years and disclosure of the amount and type of alcohol in their possession at the time will be mandated. Alcohol purchased must be through a licensed vendor who is registered with the state. Before sale, the vendor must run a background check of the buyer through the local police department for prior alcohol related violations. The vendor must also report the sale to a new state database. Private sales will still be allowed but the seller must have a state licensed alcohol vendor perform a background check of the buyer through the local police department prior to the sale. The law provides exception for the sale to a spouse or child provided they are Permit holders. Internet purchase of alcohol will be illegal unless shipped to a state licensed vendor. There will be a limit on the amount of alcohol and the type of alcohol a permit holder can purchase. Alcohol having a 100 Proof or more will be illegal to possess and purchase. Anyone having alcohol 100 Proof or more have up to 12 months to sell them to out-of-state individuals or licensed vendors. Anyone in possession of alcohol 100 Proof or more could face felony charges. Anyone having possession of alcohol 80 Proof or more will be grandfathered in provided they register it with the state police within 12 months. The new stricter regulation for alcohol will be limited to 70 Proof or less. If anyone feels this is outrageous, just think how legal responsible gun owners feel about the new laws just passed in New York. Drunk driving kills more innocent lives and amass millions of dollars of property damage every year. The problem with drunken driving and gun violence is the same. The only difference is in drunken driving accidents all of the lives lost other than the drivers’ are of innocent people. Gang violence, drug dealing and criminal use of guns are everyday occurrence all over the United States. It makes up most of the gun violence in the United States. The media distorts the facts because they only cover tragedies involving innocent victims. In addition, the assault rifle which is the primary issue of recent gun control debate is the least cause of gun violence as per statistics. Check it out for yourself in the Office of Justice Programs, National Institute of Justice, a Department of Justice web site, as well as, the FBI statistics website that our leaders, lawmakers and everyone has access to. Hopefully this will shed some light as to the unjust treatment legal responsible gun owners are being subjected to.