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Life Happens:Getting lost in old-time charm is easy at the Springville Auction

The other day, I was looking for somewhere to go. I had a morning off, and just felt like I had been working so hard lately, that life was passing me by.

I donít know why I thought of the Springville Auction, except that it happened to be a Wednesday, and I had always been meaning to get there someday.

Gentnerís Commission Market, or commonly known as the Springville Auction, has been going on every Wednesday since 1939. How is it that Iíve lived here all my life and never seen it before? I was going to fix that and go see what everyone has been talking about all these years.

I got on the road at 8 a.m., because I know that the early bird gets the worm and that holds especially true for farm and flea markets. I traveled south on the 219, excited that I was out and about on such a beautiful summer morning. I drove along and before long, something didnít look quite right. I had accidently passed my exit.

The last time I was on the 219, the Springville exit was the last one as the highway ended at Route 39. When did this extension appear? ďOh no!Ē I thought. Who knows where this leads, and when is the next exit? Would I be driving all the way to Ellicottville?

The extension actually ended rather quickly, and I was soon back on track toward Springville.

As I rolled into the village, I was struck by the hometown atmosphere of Springville. I used to work there 20 years ago, and the ambience has not changed since then. It still feels like a tight knit family community.

I could see pick-up trucks and cars in a never-ending stream, pulling into the lot at the auction. I decided to park on the street, and ended up a few blocks down Main Street before I could find a place.

There were so many people! The entire place was a-buzz with activity. This was a happening place, and it made me smile as I entered the grounds.

Vendors were everywhere. There were fresh vegetables and fruits, homemade Amish doughnuts, flea market finds and more. The market has a very unique layout. People drive into the market and park on the ďhillĒ as itís known. Itís a parking space for customers but itís also a place for vendors who sell their wares out of trunks, pick-up trucks and under tents and awnings.

So, as I wandered between rows of cars and trucks, I would happen upon a small stand of homemade goods, or an interesting display of car parts and tools. It was the magic of never knowing what was down the way that had me wandering the lot. It was like a great scavenger hunt adventure.

Iím afraid that in my quest for hidden treasures that I missed any auction activity. And Iím still not sure where the auctions take place on the grounds. But I leave that for another day, because I will definitely be back.

Gentnerís Commission Market is one place that I will return to again and again.


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