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A Point of View: The tale of a sad fawn and the lonely pine tree

GOWANDA ó Millions of stars joined a full moon, shining brightly, in a December sky. There was a wonderful stillness in the chilly air. There was a sharp crispness that night. All was quiet in the fields and woods. It was Christmas Eve.

A lonely, little fawn, with big, brown eyes and beautiful, tan and white spots, was left alone in the big world. He looked so sad. He had no one to call a friend and he had no one with whom to spend this Christmas Eve.

With a tear running down his face, he walked the quiet meadow.

In the same quiet, green space, lived a lonely, little pine tree, standing alone, also by itself. It, too, was very sad. No one had selected it for a Christmas tree. All of the trees in the wooded area had been chosen, except this one little tree.

The lonely pine tree shed tears of needles. One by one, they fell to the ground, which was soon covered with needles.

The graceful, spotted fawn had been walking all day. His legs were getting weary. He so wanted to find a safe place to rest. Suddenly, in the stillness of the evening, he saw the beautiful, sad-looking pine tree. He noticed that the tree stood in the large meadow with no other trees nearby. The tree looked so lonely there, all by itself.

The lonely, little fawn looked under the tree. There, he saw a bed of soft, newly-fallen pine needles. The sad, little fawn nestled under the pine tree, in the soft, brown pine needles. For the first time in a long time, he felt safe and warm.

The little, green pine tree and the little, brown spotted fawn were together. Each knew how the other felt. Each one had found a good friend and knew that he was not all alone.

Although there was a clear, star-filled sky above, snowflakes began to flutter down on the duo. The flakes landed on the pine branches and the little pine tree began to glow with colored brilliance, like the most beautiful Christmas tree.

Suddenly, a large, star-shaped snowflake fluttered down from the sky and landed on top of the little pine tree. The flake took on a beautiful glow, all on its own, appearing as a beautiful, shining Christmas angel.

The little pine tree, aglow in brilliant colors, with the beautiful angel at the very top and the spotted little fawn nestled happily and safely underneath, was a breathtaking picture. No one but they knew what joyful happiness there was, that Christmas Eve.

Even in nature, the Lord works in marvelous ways, his wonders to behold.

In our little rural community, many have observed three small deer who have resided in the pine trees in the corner of what was once the site of Tri-County Hospital in Gowanda for several months.

To this day, wherever you are, when you see deer amongst beautiful evergreen trees, you will know, as did the little fawn and the pine tree, how it all began.

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