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Girl Scout Cookie booths seen in local area

Veronica Bohan and her mom, Cathy, braved the cold to sell Girl Scout Cookies outside Walmart in Springville on Saturday, March 4.

It’s Girl Scout Cookie time. And, to make things easier for prospective customers, the girls brought cookies to them. The typical way to purchase cookies is to get a form from a Girl Scout, fill in the order and then pay for them when the order is delivered. But, for the past few years, the scouts have packed up their cookies and set up shop outside many stores and banks in the Springville area.  

On Saturday, March 4, Veronica Bohan and her mom Cathy set up a shelter outside the Walmart in Springville. Veronica is a member of Troop #30659 out of Boston. Her voice could be heard as customers entered and exited the store, “Would you like to buy some Girl Scout cookies?” The ladies smiled as customers made purchases, but, the truth is, for anyone who set up a stand outside that day, it was pretty evident that it was very cold. They were prepared with warm blankets to help them stay brave in the wind, but it was still very chilly. Nevertheless, Bohan took her job seriously and continued to greet everyone with a warm smile.

The cookies have gone up to $6 a box this year, and I’m sure that has shocked many people who intended to buy some. But for those who would like to support the girls, this is a wonderful way. And two-thirds of the money from each box goes to the troops and area activities. The money raised gives the girls a chance to take part in scout events like camp and other organized group activities, so it’s a wonderful way to help. Stands should be set up in our area for the next few weeks, so if anyone would like to purchase some cookies to help the Girl Scouts, this is their chance. 

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